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The principal criteria which can influence the purchase price of rough diamonds are:
Where the transaction takes place i.e. Africa, Europe, CIS, USA or other foreign locations.
Where is the location of the physical transference of the rough diamonds?
What is the method of payment ?
Costs of buying rough diamonds: travel, hotel, negotiations, etc…
The crystalline structure of rough diamonds. The most important part regarding buying of rough diamonds,
is to know the basic structures (crystals): stones, shapes, octahedron, cleavages, macles, flats ……

KYC Procedure

(know you client)
Please be advised that Belgian diamond traders are subject to Belgian anti-money laundering legislation and obliged to fully cooperate with the implementation of the Law and the Regulations.
Diamond traders are legally obliged by the law of 18 September 2017 preventing money laundering and financing of terrorism and limiting the use of cash to process your personal data to comply with our ”know-your-customer” obligations. For more information on the processing of your personal data, please contact us so that we could provide you of our privacy statement/policy.
As a basic principle, Belgian diamond dealers are obliged to identify their clients and, in case of an elevated risk, also their suppliers and verify the identification documents received before entering in a business relationship or executing a transaction

Purchase Rough Diamond , we are glad to get Your offer:

Purchase Rough Diamond , we need following data from You:

Company details:
Law: Law d.d. 18 September 2017 preventing money laundering and financing of terrorism and limiting the use of cash (“anti-money laundering law”).
For foreign citizens: valid proof of ID, a valid passport, or possibly driving license or any other official document with photo which can be used as identification which contains at least, surname, first name, date & place of birth, and if possible address.
(The Belgian government accepts “PAN-cards” and “Certificates of IEC Codes” for Indian citizens. For other alternatives, contact the AML helpdesk.)
A document that indicates that the official representative of your company has the power to represent the company, e.g. through a proxy (if not already mentioned in the legal incorporation documents)

We wish that all above request data above , will help You and us take care of purchase process much easier and we do not waste our / your time for very long emailing. Please be well informed, that without KPC Kimberly Process Certificate (verified) & KYC (know you client) documentation, parcels can not arrive to Antwerp Diamond District.

Solomon Katzman
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